Lakshadweep Travel

» Location : 400 kms west of the coast of Kerala

» Status : Tiniest Union Territory of India

» Language : Malayalam, English

» Attractions : Kavaratti, Minicoy, Bangaram, Agatti

Tourism Promotion
Lakshadweep has a precious heritage in its ecology and culture. The local Administration always keeps the carrying capacity of the islands in mind. Similarly, in some islands the water-able is not sufficient to provide increased drinking water in significant quantities and so these islands have not been earmarked for tourism.

Government ‘accommodation is available at Kavaratti, Kadmath and Agatti. At Kalpeni and Minicoy private entrepreneurs have taken up the task. Extensive use has been made of tiling roofs and coconut palm matting for external walls, and the effect is remarkable in the way the constructions blend with their surroundings.

Water Sportswatersports
High quality equipment of international standards has been imported for the Kadmath Institute of Water Sports in Lakshdweep. This includes snorkels, glass- bottomed boats, rowing and motor boats, equipment for wind surfing, scuba diving, Para sailing and water skiing.

Water sports facilities like kayaking, sailing, paddle boats, inflatable motor boats, glass – bottom boats and water skiing are available in the islands of Kavaratti, Kalpeni, Kadmath and Minicoy in Lakshadweep.

Traditional folk dances of the islands are performed by local men. Performances are available on request. No other form of entertainment exists except TV and Radio.

One interesting consequence of the Administration’s concern for ecology is the promotion of the concept of day tourism. A passenger liner anchoring near an island provides both transport and accommodation. Tourists therefore have the best of both worlds- comfortable accommodation and service on board the ship, combined with the beauty of the island and water sports facilities during the day.

There is a regular ship service between Cochin and the islands of Lakshwadeep according to a scheduled programme.